This is a post I tried my best not to write, but unfortunately it has to be done.

This blog is going to be on hiatus all throughout the rest of May and June. I will be back on 1st of July, however.

I really didn’t want to have to do this. But, due to exams and other life stresses such as my parent’s seperation, me and my mum moving etc it’s going to be very difficult to keep up with the blog, so I’d rather take a break. I won’t forget about the blog completely though, I’ll still be reading and planning lots of posts to go up during July and August (Maybe even September if I do enough reading!). I’m still going to be present over at my Twitter (@bfaot_blog) if you want to chat books or just about anything really, and I’ll be updating everyone on what I’m reading etc.

Another problem that I’m going to be facing in the near future is lack of internet. For a while, me and mum aren’t going to be able to afford an internet connection, so my time to blog will be very limited. However, I’m already making plans to type up posts on Word whenever, then when I can pop into the library or a friend’s house email and schedule them.

I will find a way! I love blogging too much to let all of this get in the way.

I hope you guys understand, and see you on the 1st of July!


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