ARC Review: The Devil’s Gift by Connor Wolf

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Title: The Bite of Vengeance: The Devil’s Gift (Book #1)

Author: Connor Wolf

My Rating:blog 3 leaf rating

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Roconn and Maria used to live a simple life. Roconn worked as a priest, whilst Maria looked after the children at home in their rural village. But, when tragedy strikes, and Roconn  is faced with not only the dead bodies of his children but the imminent death of his wife, the Devil himself strikes up a deal. Roconn and Maria become the first vampires – feasting on blood, with superhuman strength and a weakness to sunlight and fire.

With a personal vendetta against God, they become royalty, creating vampire subjects to aid their plot to assassinate the pope. But, their plan will not be easily put into action and soon Roconn is faced with yet more difficult and life changing choices.

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First of all, I found it personally touching to be able to request and review a book written by someone of a similar age also living in my town. Since it’s a small town, I wouldn’t have thought that there would be many people in my town who share the same love for reading and writing as I do (though most of my friends enjoy books, it’s not quite the same obsession I have!)

I found that The Devil’s Gift was quite unlike some other vampire books floating around, and I liked this. The inclusion of religious figures such as the Devil was interesting and made for a very good read, since it showed this isn’t a simple everyday story. And these aren’t sissy Twilight-esque vampires – these are full blown, violent and blood thirsty ones. Yay!

The novel quickly developed into a fast paced book, with an active plot and without wasted pages. It’s a short novel but it makes up for this in quality, with its original and captivating story line, and the promise of it developing into a series is exciting.




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