ARC Review: The Dark World by Cara Lynn Shultz

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Title: Dark World (The Dark World, Book #1)

Author: Cara Lynn Shultz

My Rating: blog 3 leaf rating

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Paige Kelly is an outcast at high school, mainly because of her ability to talk to ghosts. Her best friend, Dottie, is a ghost who haunts the building. But, when the high school gets an influx of new students, including Logan, things start to get weirder.

Logan isn’t phased by the stories he hears of Paige. To Paige, this is what constitutes as definitely strange, especially when Logan has to protect her from a fire demon that attacks during detention. Soon, Paige is thrust into the strange and age-old war between warlocks and demons, since it turns out that she is actually very valuable to either side.







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I was drawn to The Dark World because of the beautiful cover, and I’m so glad that I requested it on NG!

The books has a very different take on the whole ‘talking-to-ghosts’ power there is in some books. Normally, it is someone’s biggest secret and blah blah, but this was different. People know that Paige talks to supposed ‘imaginary’ friends and she has to suffer for it. I was very sympathetic towards her, and I couldn’t believe that people would be so horrible after her traumatic experience.

I really enjoyed the book because of the action that happened. There were some very epic demon battles in it, which I enjoyed reading very much. They kept me on the edge of my seat, and I found the book hard to put down. It was  a nice, easily read story and I found the pages just flew past.

The characters were likable (well, the ones you were supposed to like!), especially Dottie and Logan. Dottie was an adorable girl, and definitely the kind of best friend every girl needs. Even though I found she was a bit needy sometimes, I knew this was because she had been so lonely before. Logan was this book’s hotshot, and wow! I may have a new book boy crush.


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