UKYA Day – Review: Acid by Emma Pass




First of all, welcome to my UKYA Day review post!

UKYA Day aims to promote UKYA and to get more readers indulging in it. It’s nice to support your country with th8ings that you love, and as a Brit and a YA lover, it’s nice to see how much work Lucy Powrie is putting into Project UKYA.

If you want to take part in Project UKYA, the blog is here. It’d be nice to see you all at one of Lucy’s wonderful #ukyachat twitter chats! On April 14th, Emma Pass herself was a guest author! They’re always very exciting and there’s always brilliant recommendations.

Lucy’s other book blog is Queen of Contemporary. Amidst the wonderful design, there’s plenty of bookish blog posts to keep you entertained!

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Title: Acid

Author: Emma Pass

My Rating:blog 4 leaf rating

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Jenna Strong has been locked away by ACID – an overruling police force – for the murder of her parents.

Prison life hasn’t been kind to Jenna so far, and it gets a lot worse when a rebel group breaks her out. She has to use all of her skills to survive, and preserve her freedom. All the while, trying to figure out what really happened the night she supposedly killed her mother and father.

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Acid is a fast paced, straight into the action type of book. This sits well with me, since Acid sounded just like a book I’d want to read.

Acid isn’t like all the other dystopias out there. The world was cleverly built, with newpaper articles for the reader to indulge in that cleverly portrayed just how controlled Jenna’s world was. I must admit, I shuddered in fear when I learnt about the restrictions on books, haha!

The book works wonderfully as a standalone. There were no loose ends by the last page, and the plot was interesting and fresh enough to keep me reading. The characters were varied and interesting which was quite good, and I enjoyed the fact that there wasn’t just one unified group against ACID, there was actually another group that were trying to handle things in their own way.

I loved how throughout the books there were hints to Jenna’s past and what had actually happened the night she killed her parents.

All in all, this is a UKYA book that I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to read some UKYA, focusing on dystopia and fantasy!



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