Review: Maze Runner by James Dashner

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Title: Maze Runner (The Maze Runner, Book #1)

Author: James Dashner

My Rating: blog 5 leaf rating

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When Thomas awakes and finds himself in the Glade with no memories, he thinks that things couldn’t get any worse. But, they do.

He soon meets the Gladers with their own slang and own lost memories, and learns of the Maze that shuts the Gladers in (or out) and protects them from the dreaded Grievers. But with Thomas comes other changes to the Gladers routine of life, and they blame him for it. However, Thomas thinks that he can find his way out of the maze.

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Maze Runner is a very imaginative and unique story.

In the beginning, the reader has just as many questions as newbie Thomas, and I liked that. The reader makes discoveries along with him, which makes you want to read on and on.

There were so many interesting characters in the book, which was great. Chuck was a wonderful character, he was annoying but funny at the same time and I understand why Thomas liked him so much. I had an instant dislike for Gally, and my general feelings for the characters were strong.

Grievers were really good enemies – even though I didn’t picture them as they were described (I thought they were more like giant slugs with metal hands) I thought they were quite intimidating which added to the story. I really enjoyed the last half of the book because there were a lot of new questions and plenty of action going on.

I found that Maze Runner fits as a series. I didn’t find out very much in the first book, and that was okay, because I know there’s two other books to come that will answer my questions. This is good because it means there won’t be much pointless filler, and hopefully the next two will be just as good as the first.

My only complaint is that maybe more could have been done with Teresa. I think that she could have had more presence, and more of her own personality. She was present for at least half the book, but I knew her just as little as characters that were introduced in the last few chapters. Hopefully in the next book there will be more of her.


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