ARC Review: Feather Bound by Sarah Raughley

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Title: Feather Bound

Author: Sarah Raughley

My Rating:blog 3 leaf rating

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When Deanna attends the funeral of her dead childhood friend’s father, the last thing she expects to see is her friend return from the dead. Hyde is reluctant to talk about his faked death, but is eager to rekindle his friendship with Deanna. After inheriting his father’s huge company, he sweeps her up into a world of glamour and paparazzi. But Deanna has a secret.

She’s a swan – a race of people that grow feathers on their backs in times of stress or physical trauma. And, if someone takes those feathers, the swan will become a slave to the holder until the feathers are given back.

Hyde’s rival knows Deanna’s secret, and is determined to use it against her to bring about Hyde’s downfall. Somehow, Deanna must preserve her own safety, without breaking Hyde’s heart.

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I enjoyed reading Feather Bound because it is such an unusual fairytale to be written about. This meant Feather Bound was very original, and very interesting to read. I think that the myth was incorporated very well into the story.

In the book we meet many wonderful characters, including Hyde himself, and Shannon, a member of a free-the-swans protest league. There was a wide range of people and personalities, which were executed well. Each character was different, and most importantly, whole, instead of being two-dimensional.

The book had some very funny parts in it (especially the ending!) but there were also serious tones in the novel, where tension was rising and our heroine really had begun to struggle.

Very importantly, there was no pointless love triangle. This is one of the key things that separated Feather Bound from being one of Those Books, where the story is patchy and boring, the characters washed out and the main focus being one girls choosing between men. Much to the contrary, Feather Bound was intriguing, with a well-driven plot, and likeable characters.




  1. My biggest wish when I read Feather Bound was that the human swan thing would have been fleshed out a bit more, and that there would have been both positive and negative qualities to being a swan.

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