ARC Review: 18 Truths by Jamie Ayers

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Title: 18 Truths (18 Things, Book #2)

Author: Jamie Ayers

My Rating:blog 2 leaf rating
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After being unable to save her best friend from death, Olga Gay Worontzoff is spending her summer with boyfriend Luke, becoming Spirit Guides, helping the recently departed find their place in the Underworld.

However, Luke starts to pay a lot more interest in their first assignment, Grace, than Olga would like. Feeling hurt, she begins her plan to find her best friend, Conner, in the hopes that she can rekindle their friendship and maybe even confess the love she has held for him. But, to do this, she has to get involved with the demons – enemies of the angels who run the Underworld – and this places everyone she knows in danger.

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When I began this book, i thought that the prologue was enjoyable to read, and set the scene just enough to get me asking questions and to keep me reading. However, I did think that the change in perspective was confusing as there wasn’t really an indicator of the change, so I still thought I was reading in the perspective of the other character, Conner.

I enjoyed the beginning. It wasn’t too heavy on the romance, and the plot had amazing potential.

But, by the end, this was a two start book for me. Why? The characters. They ruined this book. And the sudden obsession with the romance from the middle onward. It descended into a mess of a love triangle (Not sure if it counts as a triangle really, more like a square), and a lot of it seemed to read just like highschool drama.

Don’t get me started on Olga – she was everything I hated in a protagonist, female or not. She claims that she loves both Luke and Conner, Luke being her boyfriend, Conner being her life time best friend who she loved. She claims that she doesn’t want to hurt either of them. Then, SHE KISSES CONNER IN FRONT OF LUKE. There is NO WAY this is okay. EVER.

I skim read the last 40% of this book, because I was waiting for it to pick up. Unfortunately, it didn’t, and I was left, as a reader, feeling disappointed.

I read the entire book without even knowing it was the second in a trilogy. By the end I was aware that it was part of a series, since I could see there was going to be a sequel, but I have no idea what would have happened in the book beforehand.



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