ARC Review: The Glow by Helen Whapshott

the glow by helen whapshott book info final

Title: The Glow (The Light #1)

Author: Helen Whapshott

My Rating:blog 4 leaf rating

Out Today! Grab your copy over at Amazon Kindle.

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Megan is an ordinary thirteen year old girl. Her life consists of school, homework and her family.

That is, until her grandma passes on and her family inherits her centuries old hotel, where she is promptly forced to live. Out of her depth, Megan quickly makes friends with town weirdo Daisy, who right away heals a deer in front of Megan, and confesses she is a Witch. Soon enough, Megan discovers she has a strange gift called The Glow, and life becomes a lot more complicated (and exciting) from there on in.

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The Glow is a wonderfully lighthearted read, a warming tale with very realistic characters. I found Megan relatable, even though she’s 4 years younger than me.

I read most of The Glow in one day, because I planned to get through as many ARCs as I could last weekend and I found it was a fast paced, easy read that kept me hanging on and wanting more. I thought that the paranormal aspects of the book were interesting, with a modern take on some more traditional ideas, whilst still leaving plenty of questions and areas to explore for the next books in the series.

Whilst The Glow reads almost like a middle grade book, it tackles issues and life problems typically seen in YA books, and so is perfect for those in the in-between stage, or if you fancy a book that isn’t filled with the usual teen high school drama.

The novel provides a very rich and realistic interpretation of the world, allowing real life problems such as medical problems to interfere with the plot – something which is fairly unique, considering this is a fantasy novel. So, not only was Megan dealing with her new powers, she also had to cope with her brother’s severe asthma. Little things like that made the novel more solid, readable and engaging.

I really did enjoy The Glow, and I can’t wait for the next books in the series, to follow Megan, Daisy and Scott through their adventures together.


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