TBR Pile #1 – March 2014

tbr pile button

Hello! I have started this new feature where at the beginning of each month I will show you what I plan on reading throughout the month.

First of all, here are the two piles of books I’ve set aside to act as my TBR for March:


Now, I know there’s no way I’ll make it through that many print books in one month. But, I like to still be able to choose a book even if I do set myself a TBR pile.

Most of the books are mine, except from:

Changeling by Phillippa Gregory – From my local library. I’ve had this one for quite a while, and have had to renew it several times (naughty me).

The Fog and The Rats by James Herbert, The Omen by David Seltzer – I have borrowed these from my friend and I am very excited to read them.

And now, the books on my tablet that I need to read:

tbr pile march 2

tbr march

A lot of them are ARCs, which means they need to take priority, but I’m entering the month half way through a few books which is a bit terrible of me. I’ve hit a slight slump though, but I will get reading as soon as I can!



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