ARC Review: Book of the Crowman by Joseph D’Lacey


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Title: The Book of the Crowman (Black Feathers #2)

Author: Joseph D’Lacey

My Rating: blog 5 leaf rating

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The second installment in the Black Feathers duology follows Gordon Black and Megan further into their journeys to find the Crowman. Gordon still struggles in an apocalyptic world, where Wardens rule all, but the Green Men are quickly gaining power. Even so, it seems like Gordon will forever be chasing black feathers with very little result. Megan continues to follow the Keeper’s path, rewriting the Book of the Crowman as she witnesses it in the Weave like thousands before her.

But will Gordon find the Crowman? Or were his sacrifices and hardships in the first book be in vain?

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I loved the first book in this series. Joseph D’Lacey’s prose flows off the page just like poetry, and creates vivid, ethereal worlds and images that you almost believe in. The world is beautiful and violent and I loved immersing myself in the novel. Some points are gritty and disgusting; a few of the Wardsmen literally filled me with revulsion, and I’m assuming that was the authors intended reaction. The books are so rich and in-depth, so spiritual that these books could almost become a religion.

I fell in love with Gordon Black in the first book. The second book was tragic and heartbreaking for me, but at the same time instilled so much hope. The characters in the book are so incredibly real, so unique and human, that they take their places in the reader’s heart and brain and don’t ever let go.

I simply cannot express just how much I loved these books, since it is so difficult to put into words. The novel was filled with emotions, and events that jumped out of the pages. The switches in point of view work perfectly, with each character having their own voice and very different world.

My only complaint is that after reading the book, I was filled with an empty hole, since I realized it actually was the end.

The Book of the Crowman comes out in UK print on the 6th of March. Check it out on Angry Robot’s Website!


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