Review: Magic Study by Maria V Snyder

magic study

I N F O R M A T I O N 

Title: Magic Study (Chronicles of Ixia, Book 2)

Author: Maria V Snyder

My Rating: leaf rating buttonleaf rating buttonleaf rating buttonleaf rating button


Yelena’s story continues exactly where the first book left off, and Yelena’s journey to Sitia is short but sweet. Because as soon as she arrives, things start to go awry…

Discovering powers she thought she never had, she finally is reunited with her family for the first time in fourteen years. But her own brother is suspicious and believes she is an Ixian spy, and rightful heir to the throne Cahil is making plans to over throw Ixia’s Commander.

R E V I E W 

I really love this series. The first book set the bar high, but the second in the series didn’t disappoint.

There wasn’t too much recapping, which is always good in my eyes, since I always start to fall asleep if an author goes on about what has previously happened in a series. I know, I read it! And while recapping can be useful for those who missed the first book, I feel like this doesn’t happen very often.

I had almost no problems in this book. One thing that sort of irked me whilst reading was how many dream sequences there were. Many people regard them as a type of ‘cheating’, but I honestly wouldn’t have been bothered if there hadn’t been so many. They seemed to work well within the book though, I just hadn’t noticed that many in Poison Study. My other small problem was how much Yelena went on about missing Valek – I can understand why, I’m a bit of a Valek fangirl myself – but it did get a bit boring.

I like how Reyad hasn’t disappeared. Even though he isn’t directly involved in any of the plot points of this book, he still pops up every now and then, in Yelena’s thoughts. It makes sense, due to the horror he put Yelena through, and also because she killed him, and Yelena isn’t the type to kill with no remorse. She is a very well fleshed out character.

All in all, very excited to carry on with this series!


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