New Year, New Reads Update #2

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New Year New Reads is a readathon designed to tackle your TBR headfirst, with the main theme being that whatever you read, it’s something new to you, whether it’s a new author, or new genre. The readathon runs throughout January, and is a great way to get you reading new things ready for the coming year!

What books have you read this week?

I managed to finish Divergent and I’m now half way through Ender’s Game.

For each book; did you enjoy it? Briefly, why?

I really loved Divergent – despite all the comparisons to The Hunger Games it managed to remain very different and refreshing. I keep thinking about what faction I’d want to be in, haha. 

Ender’s Game is very enjoyable. It’s a very strange novel, but nonetheless I can’t seem to put it down!

What books are you planning to read next?

It’s a toss between the first Vampire Academy novel, and the first novel in the Grisha series.

Thanks for reading the update, be sure to check out the other participant’s blogs as well, to see how their doing in the challenge!



  1. The Grisha Trilogy is amazing, I would definitely recommend it. The characters are so real and have these amazing flaws that allow you to relate to them and the humour and voice of the characters are brilliant. Hope you enjoy reading it if you do, happy reading 🙂

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