New Year, New Reads Update #1

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New Year New Reads is a readathon designed to tackle your TBR headfirst, with the main theme being that whatever you read, it’s something new to you, whether it’s a new author, or new genre. The readathon runs throughout January, and is a great way to get you reading new things ready for the coming year!

What books had you read this week?

Well, I finished The 5th Wave which technically does and doesn’t count for NYNR. I started it before January, but I have never read anything by Rick Yancey before, and I think The 5th Wave is his debut anyway.

Since it took me way longer to finish than I anticipated (through no fault of the book – I was pretty busy over Christmas and for the first few days of January), I’ve only just started Divergent and I’m about 60 pages in.

For each book; did you enjoy it? Briefly, why?

I really liked The 5th Wave (even though I don’t get to count it in NYNR) because it was a very original and unique YA.

Divergent is also seemingly a book that is quite different, and I am enjoying it so far.

What books are you planning to read next?

I plan to finish Divergent, then start Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card.

Thanks for reading the update, be sure to check out the other participant’s blogs as well, to see how their doing in the challenge!



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