Ten Books I’d Like For Christmas

divergent trilogy

1 – 3 

It’s sort of amazing that I haven’t read any of these books yet. I feel like I’m missing out, especially with the release of Allegiant that everyone went crazy over. So many people have recommended this series to me, and it would be really nice to spend the Christmas holidays obsessing over these!

4 – 6

Maze Runners has been recommended to me so many times, and so has Scott Westerfield’s Uglies series. However, I’ve got the first Uglies book, and I’m definitely getting the second for Christmas. I’ve seen so many reviews for Pawn and it looks really good, so i’d love to be able to try it.

7 – 9

These books will be a little more difficult to get in time for Christmas, since none of them have been released yet… but they are still my Christmas wishes!

perfect ruin


I discovered how good Lauren DeStefano’s writing is earlier this year, when I read her Chemical Garden trilogy. Then, she released Perfect Ruin, the first part of her new series, The Internment Chronicles. Want want want!


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