NYNR Sign Up Post Template

Here is the sign up template for New Year, New Reads Readathon! You don’t have to use this template, and feel free to personalise it or add anything, but please use the NYNR button and include the readathon description.


New Year New Reads is a readathon designed to tackle your TBR headfirst, with the main theme being that whatever you read, it’s something new to you, whether it’s a new author, or new genre. The readathon runs throughout January, and is a great way to get you reading new things ready for the coming year!

Firstly, will you be taking part during the whole month? Will you be posting weekly updates?

How many books are you aiming to read?

What new authors/genres/series are you hoping to read?

Are there any that you think you will hate or love?



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