Sci Fi Month Introduction Post


Sci Fi Month is an event hosted by Rinn Reads, where the genre as a whole will be picked to pieces with reviews, giveaways, top tens and author interviews. But the glory isn’t just limited to books, there will be posts about films as well. More information can be found here, and a schedule with all the planned posts is available here.

I first heard about this event on twitter, and at first I thought I wouldn’t be able to take part since I haven’t really read a lot of sci-fi at all. But, I discovered there would be room for me in the event as a newbie to the genre.

Many of  the participants are talking about films, books, authors and more, but I’ve chosen to take two popular YA novels that had sci-fi as a major theme. I haven’t really tried the genre before because of two things – I have had a fear of aliens, and I thought all sci-fi books contained aliens. But, I discovered that one of the many best books I’ve read this year, I Am Legend, is a sci-fi novel. So, they can’t be all that bad (or alien infested).

I plan to review my chosen novels on these dates:


Across the Universe by Beth Revis  –  21st November


Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan  –  28th of November

Then, at the end of November, I’ll do a round up post, on whether these books met my expectations, changed my views on Sci Fi and whether I am a new fan of the genre or not.



  1. Yep, part of my plan was to get some people who’d not experienced the genre much, and see if we could recommend anything to them! So I’m glad you’ve joined us.

    I Am Legend is brilliant. And scary, but not just because of the zombies/vampires, but because of Neville and how he begins to act and feel after being alone for so long.

    Across the Universe is on my to read shelf but I can’t see myself getting round to it very soon, so I’ll be looking out for your review! =D

  2. Hallo Jayd,

    I am planning on reading “Across the Universe” as well — it will be lovely to converse about a book and offer a bit of a discussion about how we were each impressed by what we found inside! Isn’t that lovely! I haven’t come across other blogs yet where I saw a book I selected to read to be amongst their schedules, but at the rate I’ve been dropping by, its plausible that I missed it as well! I’m a fellow SFN geek, whose over the moon in joy that this event has finally arrived! I have a stacked full schedule of posts as I decided to be a bit daring and blog ALL 30 days! 🙂 Laughs.

    Ooh, you would like what I was writing on various blogs yesterday & today about how we’re all at different junction points in our reading adventures with science fiction!? It doesn’t matter where you are on that path, newly established, fondly approached it eons ago, we have this whole month to read each others’ blogs, learn more about the genre we’re all passionate about, write down titles & authors to gather to read, and celebrate the pure mirth of being surrounded by so much varied creativity as explored through the writers who give us science fiction across all the mediums of media!

    I hope that the books give you something to hinge yourself too in the genre, but you know, you might find that it takes more than one outing to get your footing! I look forward to reading your posts!

    Happy SFN!

    • Oh it would be really nice to compare thoughts on it! I’m about half way through now, but I won’t spoil any of my review haha!

      I think this was such a wonderful idea because it does bring a lot of people together, like you said we’re all doing different things and there’s so much for us to talk about!

      This is just a starting point, I’ll definitely be reading more sci fi in the future 🙂 I’ll take a look at your blog too, and see what you’ve got planned! thanks for reading!

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