Stephen King’s ‘Misery’









My rating: 8/10

Goodreads: 3.99

Amazon: 4.7

Scary rating out of 5:






Misery is the story of a writer who crashes is car – luckily, his number one fan is ready to take him in. Annie Wilkes sets Paul’s broken legs, brings him food and painkillers, but soon he realizes she is not the loving, patient nurse she pretends to be.

Misery is an original novel that captures the reader, launches straight into the story (with some background information given in later) and plunges the reader into the gory, disturbing realm of Annie’s house. At first, I liked reading the excerpts of ‘Misery’s Return’ within the novel, but it didn’t seem to add much to the story to me, and I found myself scanning through those bits to get to the main story. I didn’t find the book scary, but it was very disturbing and vivid (so vivid!).

It’s surprising what King managed to do with so few characters – considering a large part of the novel is devoted to Paul and Annie, it still works. Although – I don’t really have an image of what Paul looks like. Annie is described frequently so there’s a bold image of her, but Paul is a blank slate. I’m not sure whether this was intended or not, but it still puzzled me.


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