Stephen King’s ‘Carrie’



My rating: 8/10

Goodreads: 3.82

Amazon: 4.4

Scary rating out of 5:

It’s hard to rate how scary this novel is. Carrie herself, I do not find scary – she is provoked into using her power, and although there is a bit of overkill when she punishes the town (ha. haha. ha.) she just seems like an unstable, troubled kid with an extraordinary gift. Her mother however, often made me physically cringe with the images King gave me.

Carrie is an extraordinary girl – she has the power of telekinesis. No one else knows. But, living with an overly religious mother has its trials. At school, Carrie is bullied and looked down on. So when Tommy Ross invites her to prom, it’s like a dream come true… And her true powers finally become known to the rest of the town.

He uses a unique writing style that shows his skill; the blend of newspaper articles and interviews was very interesting and a brilliant way of drawing the story out whilst still keeping the reader hooked on every word. Another interesting trope of King’s is the way a character’s thoughts can interrupt the narrative. It definitely creates heat in a tense situation, and is very original. I loved the way that King created powerful imagery that stayed with you, without having to use language that I consider flowery or OTT – the bluntness of it was wonderful. It was a fast-paced read, and though it is hard to put into words what makes it so good and hard to put down, there were a few things I think could have been explored more. That being said, the ending satisfied me, right until the very last two pages. They seemed to be tacked on, and not really necessary. Still, I enjoyed the book considerably and finished it swiftly. This book convinced me that King is definitely an author I need to read more of.

Favourite quote: ‘Wanting and hating and fearing… and misery. As if life itself had fallen on her like stones, all at the age of three.’


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