October Horror Feature – What’s Coming

I’ve been planning (and frantically reading) to do a month-long horror feature for the scariest time of the year! Here is what’s coming up –

Author Feature: Stephen King
Throughout the month, I’ll be reviewing books by the King of Horror. Books reviewed will include the gruesome Misery, cult-classic Carrie and a short story called ‘The Moving Finger’. The short story I read two years ago, but the thought of it still freaks me out!

My Favourite Horror Films
I LOVE horror films. So it only makes sense that I’ll do a post featuring my favourites, films taking their places not just for freakiness or scaring me silly, but also heart stopping plots and kick-ass characters.

Classic Horror Books
A collection of mini-reviews, featuring my thoughts on classic or groundbreaking horror books, including ‘The Excorcist’, ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ and ‘Haunted’.

Three Children’s Films The Should Have Been Horrors
Throughout my childhood and early teen years, I witnessed a few supposedly family-friendly films that terrified me. In this post, you’ll find out what they were, and why I still adamantly think that they should switch genre!

And, I may even post some horror flash fiction at the end of the month, getting you all ready for Halloween.


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