Blog Changes

books, food and other things is going to be going through some changes over the next coming weeks.

The first and most important is that I will no longer be doing NetGalley/eBook ARC reviews. An important part of blogging is to enjoy it, and unless I really really like a book, reading from my tablet ends up being a chore. There, I said it, I prefer printed books! That said, there will be a few posts I’ve scheduled ahead ready for  ARC release dates.

But there will be plenty of other posts to get you excited, I’m taking part in Sci-Fi month hosted by Rinn Reads during November (still need to read the books I’m reviewing…), my part of the Silent Echo blog tour will still be coming up (September 29th, keep an eye out), and I’m going to do some super scary themed reviews throughout October. You can also look forward to a secret project I’ll be organizing and maybe even getting some other bloggers in on.

And yet, there’s more…

I’m going to look into getting a button and other graphic-type stuff done to personalize my blog. I might do it myself, I might get some help… I’m not to sure yet. Plans, plans, plans!


So, whilst things will be hectic around here for a while, I’m going try my hardest to get reviews up regularly, along with all of the other upcoming posts.



  1. I should swear off of Netgalley too but I can’t stop myself… I have a spreadsheet of books to review, some still waiting from when I started blogging last year and it’s kind of depressing. We’re doing this for fun after all, so I think you’re definitely making the right move there =D

    I’m excited that you’re joining Sci-fi Month! ❤ I haven't started reading my books for it either, don't worry. Well, one I already read but I only decided to add it in because I'd already read it… haha 😉

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