WIPMarathon Check-In 2

Last Word Count + Chapter Count: I started a new project and scrapped all of my old work so yeah.

Current Word Count: 1,277. The most I’ve been able to write in quite a while.

WIP Issues This Week: My other projects weren’t working out, so on Friday I deliberated about abandoning them and going with a new idea I had. Within half an hour I had more words than I’d written in the past two weeks.

What I Learnt This Week In Writing: Go where your inspiration leads… then stick at it.

What Distracted Me This Week While Writing: Results day was hectic, and I’ve still got to sort other things out ready to go back to sixth form.

Last 200 words. My new novel is called Original Sin, and it’s a dystopian. 

‘I’m Elisia.’ she offered a hand. The boy carried on cycling, but shook her hand nonetheless. ‘That’s Anya.’ Anya had taken the furthest bike, leaving Elisia in the middle. Anya barely looked up, just sat down and started the machine. ‘She probably doesn’t feel like talking today.’

‘Oh. Guess I’ll just be charming you then.’ The boy winked. ‘I’m Caleb.’

‘Don’t bother.’ Elisia laughed. ‘You’re probably like, four years older than me.’

‘Nope. Barely sixteen, me. You’re what, thirteen?’ He grinned.

‘Guess again.’ Elisia shook her head, starting to pedal.


‘Bingo. So, what are you in? Tech? Factory? Livestock? Nursery, maybe?’ Elisia asked. She could keep her voice level now,  but she knew when the real workout started, she would be too out of breath to talk.

‘Nah, I’m a helper. Hoping to get transfered though.’ He smiled.

‘Oh? You retesting? Second or third time?’ She asked. When the children turned ten, they would be given a test that determined their strengths and weaknesses. Those with obvious talents would be assigned to jobs that matched those. Children that didn’t show promising results were assigned to be helpers – those that helped with menial tasks, and stood in for others when they were sick or otherwise incapable. Since most children don’t show many talents right away, they are all automatically retested at thirteen. Each year after that, helpers could apply to be retested. But only three times. Anya had one chance left to find something she was good at, or at least liked.




  1. Sometimes it’s necessary to take a break from one project and skip over to another. You’ll be ready to go back to the original one at some point and it will be better than ever.

    Good luck with your new project, it certainly sounds interesting.

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