WIPMarathon Intro and 1st Check-In

Marathon Goal:
Hoping to get a full draft of my current novel, ‘Worth Mortem, Worth Vitae’ (WMWV) and a decent amount of planning for my new title-less project.
My daily goals are at least 3 pages on my novel, and/or an hour of planning my new project.

Stage of writing:
I’ve been writing and rewriting WMWV for a couple of years, but this will be my second counted draft. I did a first draft back in CampNaNo April.
My new project only came to me the other day, so it’s still in the very early stages

What inspired my current project:
WMWV is a supernatural thriller, and I’m not really sure of the genre of my new project. Post-apocalyptic dystopian, maybe.
I’ve long forgotten how the idea of WMWV came about, but my new project is inspired by the GONE series by Michael Grant.

What might slow down my marathon goal:
Procrastination mostly. But, I am handwriting all of my work which may hinder it a little but I’m setting realistic daily goals and I may carry on doing the WIPMarathon privately through September if need be. A good schedule and goals always helps me keep my writing going.

(I’ve only really been doing the WIPMarathon for a day, so I’ll fill this out relative to how I’m feeling so far.)

Last Word count + Chapter Count/Page+Hour Count: 0, 0

Current Word Count + Chapter Count/Page+Hour Count: 1.2 chapters, 2 pages, 0 hours (hopefully more by the end of the day though!)

WIP Issues This Week: Not that much of an issue, but writing the prologue was rather difficult. I kept feeling like what I was writing was terrible, but I ploughed through and manage to get to the beginning of Chapter 1.

What I Learnt This Week In Writing: Beginnings are always hard! Had a look around and lots of writers are struggling with the starts of their novel, or have struggled. I am also slowly learning that when it feels like the writing is going bad, just keep going. With early drafts, or even later drafts, it’s not always going to be perfect.

What distracted me this week while writing: I recently acquired a tablet so that’s been distracting me… And I keep getting the desire to read at inoppurtune times, but I’m gonna use these two things as a reward system. So, once I’ve done half of my daily goal, I get to read for half an hour. Or something like that.

Last 200 words (roughly): (For this I’m just going to do some of the first chapter)

Nonetheless, as the vampire shuffled his way along the dark, empty street, dazed, confused and barely standing, the click of a gun as the safety was removed alerted him. He quickly dropped and rolled to the side, dodging the slayer’s bullet. The girl cursed, running closer to him. He swiped the air with his hands, searching in his near blindness. She stood over him, and giggled a little at his helplessness, and wondered how to kill him. She needed money, and she knew that the vampire would fetch a high price if she boiled the flesh off of his bones. Therefore, she would need to keep the bones as undamaged as possible. Putting her gun in her belt, she pulled out a large knife. The vampire had managed to right himself and stand, but before he could move, he felt the cold, sharp metal press against his neck. Frozen, and most likely not quick enough to get out of the slayer’s grip anyway, he waited.




  1. A good schedule and goals always keeps me writing, too. I’ve found if I don’t set a goal for the next day (not just in terms of word count, but even more specific) then I procrastinate way too much.
    Love the creepy excerpt! 😉

  2. Beginnings are always hard! I’ve rewritten my first chapter thirty-three times and only started feeling right with it on the thirty-fourth try (which is where it is now, I might tweak it again later).

    Thanks for joining us and good luck with your goals!

    I loved your excerpt and this is not a critique or anything (so don’t take it in bad faith), but I felt it’d be better if it was written from one point of view…either from the vampire or the slayer’s point of view!
    But it’s creepy and exciting, and I loved it!

  3. Spectacularly creepy and awesome excerpt! I love it! I also struggle to resist the temptation of reading too much. It’s so easy to not feel guilty about it because it just feels so relevant (and I suppose it is, really, but it definitely can suck away the writing time!) Anyway, welcome and good luck reaching those goals! 😀

  4. Oh. Please. The first scene is always the hardest, but I’m a firm believer in the idea that the beginning won’t work until the end does. So just keep writing even if it doesn’t feel like it’s working, yet. Good luck!

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